Free Interpreting/Translating Help for Fire Victims

We now have a bank of volunteer interpreters/translators

******* Please copy and paste this message to groups and organizations helping fire victims.                                                Or Use this link: , Or print out this form for people to fill out, take a photo of filled out form, and email to us.                                   

Email filled out forms to:

We now have a bank of interpreters/translators who are volunteering to help Spanish speaking fire victims, one on one, by phone or in person, with interpreting/translating needs: They're available to help people:

  • * to make phone calls, gather needed information, translate documents, accompaniment to appointments, help fill out forms, etc.

Please have Spanish speaking fire victims in need of language help fill out this brief information form and return as email to us.. (We're in the process of constructing online forms and data base for this purpose. But for now bear with us, this method should work.)


Cell Phone/Cellular:

Other Phones/Otros numeros telefonicos


Best time(s) to call/Mejores tiempos para llamar


                Interpretes (oral)

                 Traduccion (documentos)

Short explanation of your needs/Breve explicacion  de sus necessidades



For more information about this project see:

If you wish to donate much needed funds for this project you can easily do so here.

Thank you,

Marie:   Email: ,                                                                                                                                                                                      Women's Justice Center/Centro de Justicia para Mujeres


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